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4th December 2019

Yes, it really is that time of year again! 2019 has literally flown by and the mad run up to Christmas is now well and truly underway. The high street is already crammed full of shoppers out to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Britain is a generous nation at Christmas. In fact, we spend more at Christmas than any other country in Europe and the bill usually runs into the hundreds and some times thousands of pounds. However, not all of us will do our shopping on the high street and instead choose to buy everything online from the safety of our own homes, whether it’s electronics, the perfect book or that old festive favourite - a health and beauty product.

Health and beauty products make such great gifts, you see. Whether it’s as a stocking filler for the children, a cheeky secret Santa item for the office Christmas party, maybe some aftershave to have him smelling his best for when the in-laws are over, or simply because you like to treat yourself at Christmas, health and beauty products are a must on anyone’s Christmas list.

Here at Clearance Direct we’re already prepped for Christmas and our exciting range of health and beauty products only goes to reflect this. We’ve got everything you’ll need to add a little more sparkle to your Christmas.
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